Andona FAQ

How long a commitment is required if I join the organization?

There is no long-term commitment required when joining Andona, but after 5 years of membership, women do have the option of maintaining their membership in Andona on a reduced level of activity. Some members decide to get involved by joining one committee, some members decide to jump in and join several committees. Many community members volunteer their time in other organizations or schools, so Andona appreciates whatever time a member can give. Our membership includes women that work full time, part time and women that are working to raise their children at home.

How many meetings are there? And where and when are they held?

There are 6 meetings of the Andona membership each year.  Andona general meetings are usually held on Monday or Wednesday nights, and the location varies between a few places in central Andover. Our organization is not active over the holidays or from the end of June to September. The meetings are very casual, beginning with a half of an hour of social time.

Approximately how much time is required to serve on a committee?

Members generally spend two to three months working on an upcoming event with other committee members.

Where does the money go that is raised by The Andona Society?

Over $50,000 per year is donated to children’s groups or individuals in the community. That amount includes $10,000 in scholarships and $15,000 in camperships.

What activities do you organize to support the Andover community?

Andona divides its charity work into two categories: fundraising and civic events. Our fundraising events include Clown Town, a fall fundraiser that varies year to year, and possibly a spring event. Clown Town is the town’s spring carnival. Past examples of other fundraising events include a wine tasting, a casino night, a formal ball, and a fashion show.

Our civic events focus on giving back to the community. Our members donate their time to offer a babysitting class for middle schoolers in the fall.

How much are the dues to belong to The Andona Society, and where does that money go?

The dues are $35 per year for active members, less for members who have participated for 5 years or more.  Dues money goes to administrative costs.

What does the title “Andona” stand for?

“An” stands for our town of Andover, and “dona” comes from a Latin word meaning “gift”.